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Whoa, The Behaviors!


​The first few weeks of school are bliss in the land of behaviors! As a teacher, you worked very hard to make sure your classroom is a warm, yet engaging, learning environment. Since each year is different, you’ve made all the necessary changes to the way your classroom flows for your new students. Now the kids are secure with you as their teacher. You’re starting to see that they are comfortable with each other as well. This combination is something you want; however, it can bring out behaviors in students that are distracting to all that you have worked for!

There might be one or two students that are disruptive and cause your entire class to become distracted.  You’ve tried some strategies to help these student(s) succeed.  You want to stay positive and not take away rewards because of one or two students.


An important tip to remember is that discipline is not classroom management; however, there are times when a different approach must be taken.  A tracker that allows the student set behavior or task goals each day may be your next step.

Some goals may include:

  • Follows directions
  • Stays focused during class instruction time
  • Quiet in line
  • Keep desk clean, organized, and free from toys
  • Finish and turn in class work for the day
  • Raises hand before speaking
  • Takes a deep breath when frustrated
  • Self Start

​A tracker allows a student to set behavior or task goals each day. It’s important to limit the student’s goals to no more than five.  Aim for small realistic goals in the beginning so that your student will know what it feels like to succeed.  There should be a tangible or intangible reward available for the student after meeting the goals.  I recommend meeting with the school counselor and/or parents to be involved when implementing a behavior tracker.  They may have additional ideas and you will want support from parents.


Additionally, a behavior book can be used simultaneously.  I suggest using the behavior book for extreme or serious behavior incidents for any student in your class.  I try not to overuse the behavior book.  The behavior book gives the student a chance to be removed from the situation and reflect through writing/drawing what he or she did.  This book will give you a record of what happened to either show the parents, write in the tracker, or e-mail the parents about the situation when you get your next break.  I have the students leave the book open on my desk so it reminds me to contact the parent or take the appropriate action.
Lastly, small steps are still steps in the right direction.  Stay positive and show your student that you are happy with the goal(s) he or she met. This can change the momentum of your student’s goals and eventually behavior! 
Happy Teaching!


Individual Student Behavior Tracker (Editable) for Classroom Management
​Click here for an EDITABLE tracker to enter the goals/tasks. There are 6 choices of half page with 5 goals/tasks focus or one full page by schedule. The reward or incentive can be typed underneath the tracking box. There are more goal/task ideas to copy and paste with the tracker.  And a behavior book cover with lined paper pages and a think sheet!



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  1. Thanks for sharing your plan to avoid blanket punishments. Goal setting is so important. I enjoyed reading your post!

  2. I love the idea of tracking student behaviors. I’ve just begun to add this to my practice in my classroom. I especially like the tracker you shared. Thank you!

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