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Add Projects to Your Bag of Tricks!

Have you ever set a goal to cover everything you are required to teach during the school year?  Many teachers try to meet this goal each year and end up frustrated because we are short on time!  While it is very difficult to get everything we are required to teach during the school year, there are methods that can help you teach subjects simultaneously.   

The well-organized pacing guide, perfect lesson plan, and latest curriculum purchased by your school combined with the right intentions, usually goes out the window when there are so many requirements we have to meet.  Finding assignments that are cross-curricular have more of an impact on learning.

There is a big difference between learning facts/information and making connections through experiences.  Students can apply what they learned in a meaningful “real world” way when implementing projects. When students view their learning as something interesting, as a bonus they usually put more effort into their schoolwork!

Implementing cross-curricular projects are a creative solution for teaching the numerous standards for each grade level.  Students have a lot of different learning styles and it can allow your students to work creatively.  For example, when I use biographies, I like to hold a wax museum. Students become very enthusiastic about their character and we cover many learning goals through this project.


You can incorporate mini lessons before students work on each section of the project. Depending on the grade level and class, there may be more scaffolding involved.  It’s good to disaggregate subjects and let students know that you can utilize different subjects simultaneously.  Through projects, learning is reinforced across different subjects and brought together in a way that makes sense of the topic.

Benefits of a Project Include:

  • The joy of learning
  • Teach subjects simultaneously
  • Create a memorable experience
  • Tap into students’ creative skills
  • Boost students’ confidence and skills
  • Give students a sense of pride from their accomplishment
  • High student engagement
  • Cover more standards during the school year

Whether it’s geography through art or literacy through drama, cross-curricular projects can help make learning more significant.  The next time you are planning out your lessons, take the cross-curricular approach!

Here are some of my cross-curricular projects for grades 3rd-12th to help you get started! 





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  1. It’s that old adage “Teach smarter not harder.” Project-based learning is rigorous and ties learning standards together with a pretty bow! Great post!

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